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About Us

Why should you trust us for your home painting service?

We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of collective experience in paint industry and home improvement space. Over the years, we had closely observed the problems of consumers and have removed the inefficiencies, therefore, creating a quality oriented and fast home painting service. With the help of technology we have developed a unique painting process.

We have ventured into this business with the sole aim of making home painting a fast, hassle free and a delightful experience for the consumers. And, we also intend to make a difference to the life and dignity of the painters in India.

Advanced home painting service process will ensure that work is finished within a day or two depending on type of work.

Automated process which ensures there is no pain in your painting experience.

Attractive Prices with no hidden costs

All our painting teams are well trained and skilled to execute the work ensuring quality delivery.

Our Process


Leave us your details and we will connect with you to fix an appointment at your home at a convenient time​

Help us understand you​

We offer the best home painting package after detailed discussion of your requirement, inspection of your home, and accurate measurement

Finalise date of execution​

We offer flexible dates based on the teams' availability and scope of work at your home.​

Relax​ & See the Magic

Our professional painting team, led by a dedicated site supervisor, will execute the job with speed and perfection within committed time

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Our Home Painting Services

Interior Painting

Transform interior walls of your home into a colourful and vibrant object of art with wide range of products and colours

Stencils & Textures

Nothing like beautiful looking designer walls! Choose from over 500 designs and colours patterns

Metal Painting

Don’t leave your windows and door grills lose their shine. Give them a makeover along with wall painting

Wood Coating

Get a fresh coat of paint on your beautiful wooden furniture, doors and windows along with wall painting

Know Home Painting Service Prices

Economy Emulsion

Starting from
Low 50%
Very Low 40%

Premium Emulsion

Starting from
High 70%
Very High 90%

Luxury Emulsion

Starting from
Best In Class 100%
Best in Class 100%

Colour Vaastu

Colour Orange

Orange is an energetic, warm, and vibrant colour and a symbol of progress. It is associated with autumn and earth when muted. Orange also signifies change if life for the good.

paint color orange
paint color purple
Colour Purple

Purple is a combination of red and blue and hence takes some of the attributes of both. It is a colour associated with royal lifestyle and wealth which is also an expression of creativity and imagination. Luxury, self-respect, and graciousness are generally symbolized by this colour.

Colour Yellow

Yellow is the most energizing among the warm colours. It is a bright colour associated with joy, happiness, hope, sunshine, and summer and also expresses optimism, positivity, and stability.

paint color - yellow
paint color green
Colour Green

Green is the colour that is in abundance in nature. It is a colour of new beginning, growth, regeneration, and life’s riches which is also associated with nourishment, renewal and healing.

What Customers Are Saying About Us?

First, I didn’t believe them. Only few months back, I had painted my other similar sized flat and it took 10 days to finish. But they indeed completed the painting in 2 days. This type of speed painting is the need of the hour.
Mohit Gupta
Management Professional
Well, I am just in awe of the speed of their service. But when they were done with painting in just 2 days, I was in for a pleasant shock. Painting over the weekend is a big plus for working couple. Indeed the fastest home painting service that exists.
Working Professional
Last time when I had painted my home few years ago, it was a torture over 2 weeks. But this time with Speedopainter, it was a breeze. They completed in a single day without compromising on quality. Perfect!
Home Maker

Colour For Every Room

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