Textures and Stencils

Beautiful Walls with Textures & Stencils

Your home is a cosy personal space that reflects your personality. Today, for the aesthetically inclined consumers, there is a wide range of special finishes to connect your personality with the painting on the interior walls of your home.



Textures are high end finish which can impart multiple types of interesting patterns to your walls. They come in a variety of shades and patterns. Generally, texture painting is done one wall of room to highlight it or provide a backdrop for something in the room.


Stencils convert your walls from monotony to a vibrant painting canvas! Different shapes, motifs, and themes can be traced and painted on the walls to give a soul to the interior of your home. Like texture finish, stencils are also used sporadically on a single wall of room to provide backdrop or highlight it. These are generally done with luxury paint using stencils of different designs available in market.
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